Homeschool Lesson Planning

I enjoy the planning part of our homeschool schedule. We are very flexible and what doesn’t get done that day there’s always the rest of the week.  As with any job or career, deadlines are important and it’s very important to us to instill this practice on our son so he learns by our example. Yes, there will be days that life goes on but for the most part we stay on schedule but the flexibility and love of learning is what we like most about homeschooling.

Here’s a copy of our daily homeschool planner.


Here’s a daily homework planner form!



Reading logs – Make it Technical

Reading journals can take of many forms – from notepads to charts to digital logs. Boys who enjoy the latest technology may be more excited to keep track of their reading with an online blog. The interactive format will help engage them in reading. Encourage them to have fun with it! They can install a book counter or a rating system to their blog posts. They will feel in control of their opinions when they decide which books get five stars.

Check out my latest reading log at HS LAUNCH

Top 10 reason we’re glad we homeschool


10) The core lessons, when taught one-on-one, don’t take that long! This leaves plenty of time to pursue other things!

9) When someone comes to visit, everything can revolve around enjoying the visitor (Grandma, aunts & uncles, etc.) These are cherished times!

8 ) I get to choose who our son hangs out

7) Our son can grow at his own pace.

6) Our son doesn’t have to waste his time standing in line for the bathroom or sharpen his pencil.

5) Our son doesn’t compare himself to others.

4) We get excited & discuss topics as they “pop up” in real life.

3) We get to introduce God into his lives throughout their studies & day. (ex. – study China/Buddhism = we get to talk about how Jesus is different from other gods.) We can talk about how penguins & peacocks are MADE & how creative God is! We can note God’s awesome creativity in snowflakes, tree varieties, animals, etc.

2) Our son gets to learn at home with no distractions.

1)  We get to make memories together rather than with 30 kids & the teacher of the year. We spend time together.  No, it’s not a utopia of learning every day, but every day I am thankful for this year with our at home.  It is most definitely worth the effort!